Problem Solving Algorithm to Complete any Project

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There are many ways to solve problems. We all had our fair share of problems and our own ways of dealing with them. However, it is different when it comes to projects. Projects are big things. A project is a series of problems that you have to solve in order to complete. And I am here to give you a method on how to complete any project.

while project_not_done():
     if problem_found():
          return False

To any programmer, the code above makes sense. But since that may not be the case for non-programmers, let me break it down.

While statement

The while statement line can be understood very easily. It means never stop until the project is done. You may think “Duh! Of course I can’t!!” but many actually fail at this part. This is because many people drop their projects during the starting phase. This especially applies to people who start their own projects. I know this because I have been there quite a number of times. I have dropped a lot of projects in my life. Why, you ask? This is because most people will feel discouraged the moment they realize the scale of the project they are working on. However, when you think about it, every major project in history started somewhere.

If statement

On the if statement line, many will think “Of course that’s what you do!!”. But this statement is often misunderstood. In a project, most people will see all the problems and think of a way to solve all of them. In my algorithm, I put problem_found() and not problems_found(). Don’t bombard yourself with multiple problems all at once. Pick a problem, solve it, and then pick another one. Even the most famous professional eaters can’t fit a whole pizza inside their mouths. They bite them piece-by-piece before chewing and swallowing them.

Else statement

Finally, we have the else statement. This is the part where we stop. If you reach this part of the algorithm, then you’re done. You can’t find any more problems to solve which also means that the project is finally complete. You made the project just how you wanted it to be. Give yourself a pat on the shoulders and congratulate yourself for a job well done.


Many people can’t finish what they started not because they don’t know how to, but because they are doing it wrong. The Eiffel Tower wasn’t built in a single week. The Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in just a day. To quote Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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