From Software Officially Reveals Elden Ring Gameplay, Bosses, Open World

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FromSoftware hit gamers all around the world today with an anticipated Elden Ring trailer that reveals gameplay and more. Elden Ring was first announced back in 2019 at E3. The game’s lore is to be written by George R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki. Two absolute powerhouses of narrative fantasy and world/lore building are collaborating. This collaboration has the very fabric of gaming culture and community amped up. Like its predecessors, Elden Ring will be a difficult action RPG game but with even more expanded open-world capabilities. Due to the open-world you will be able to use a mount that helps you traverse its gigantic setting.

The grittiness we all love continues

From Software continues to deliver dark and epic gameplay situations that will test the mettle of a gamer’s fortitude. “Rise, tarnished” is the slogan of this soulslike title. Insinuating that players will face trials and tribulations that will have them die again and again. It is only through the conviction to see the journey finished that players be able to repeatedly face the challenges that await them in the biggest From Software title to date. It is great to see From Software expand their horizons to attract new players while also feeding loyalists. There are still mysteries fans are wondering about in terms of specific game mechanics. The new character customization, character stats, weapon types, magic spells, and consumable items are yet to be explained.


As you can see, it is a myth and legend no longer. The release date is set to be January 21st, 2022. So long the memes of ridicule that branded the title as being some mystical existence. You can be sure to see more Elden Ring before the release date. Enjoy the trailer below.

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