Apex Legends Arena Mode Coming Next Week Alongside New Character

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More than two years since its initial launch, Apex Legends is finally getting an Arena mode. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced that the new 3v3 mode is coming next week with the Legacy update and will be a permanent addition to the game. The Legacy update also brings with it new maps, a new weapon, a new playable Legend, and more. There’s a lot to look forward to here and you can check everything out starting next Tuesday, May 4th.

The Arena Mode

Arena is a classic deathmatch mode where two teams comprised of three players each duke it out over multiple rounds. In Apex Legends Arena there’s very little emphasis on looting. Instead, players receive a certain amount of materials at the start of each round to customize their loadouts with the weapons and consumables of their choice. Equipment doesn’t transfer from one round to the next, but teams do get increasing amounts of materials with each subsequent round. In addition, bonus materials can also be acquired by collecting special canisters and killing enemy players.

There are a couple of requirements for winning an Arena match. Each match will last for at least three rounds and ends when one team pulls ahead by at least two rounds. Matches can end relatively quickly if one team is significantly more skilled than the other and manages to win the first three rounds. Things will likely drag on for a while when two evenly matched teams meet, which is why Respawn decided to make matches last for at most nine rounds. In case of a 4-4 tie, the match goes into sudden death and teams only have to pull ahead by one more round instead of the usual two.

The Maps

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t been particularly fast so far when it comes to rolling out new maps for Apex Legends. But that’s going to change with the release of Legacy. The game is getting two brand new maps next week known as Party Crashers and Phase Runner. The first map will feature an urban theme, with luxurious neon-lit buildings dotting the landscape and a crashed ship that acts as an ideal sniper’s nest. Meanwhile, Phase Runner takes place in an industrial complex located in the mountains and has plenty of abandoned buildings that provide good flanking opportunities.

New maps aside, Apex Legends Arena is also getting three additional maps inspired by locations you’re already familiar with from the Battle Royale mode. The three converted maps are as follows: Golden Gardens from Olympus, Artillery from Kings Canyon, and Thermal Station from World’s Edge. All in all, you’ve got five new maps to run around on. Not too shabby.

New Legend and Weapon

Even if you’re not planning on checking out the new Arena mode, Legacy brings with it a couple of other additions you might be interested in. The main one of course is Valkyrie, Apex Legends’ new playable character. Valkyrie is a recon character whose kit revolves around her jetpack. Her abilities include VTOL Jets, Missile Swarm, and Skyward Dive. Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara, which to me sounds a lot like a combination of the names Kari Byron and Grant Imahara (of MythBusters fame).

Valkyrie is also said to be the daughter of a Titan pilot. Respawn stated that it has no plans to add Titans to Apex Legends, but they sure like teasing them. In any case, if you want to learn more about Valkyrie’s backstory you can check out the video below.

The other noteworthy addition coming with Legacy is a new weapon known as the Bocek Bow. The bow is said to be able to inflict devastating damage at medium range but requires a high degree of skill and accuracy to be wielded properly. At least in its base form. The Bocek Bow can support two hop-ups that completely change the way the weapon functions. One of the mods increases its firing rate, allowing it to work more like a rifle while the other one essentially transforms it into a shotgun.

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