Total War: Warhammer III Introduces Kislev, Cathay, Chaos Realms Factions

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Total War: Warhammer III, the third and final installment in Creative Assembly’s grand strategy series, has finally been announced. While there’s no fixed release date just yet, the developers did confirm earlier today that we can expect the game to arrive sometime later in 2021. The tentative release date came accompanied by a slew of new information and an announcement trailer. Check it out below.

Total War: Warhammer III will bring to the table a bunch of new factions and a new grand campaign. The eagerly anticipated Kislev is finally making its debut as a playable faction along with an additional human faction known as Cathay. But, of course, the main highlight here is the introduction of the Chaos Realm factions.

Players have been able to wreak havoc as the forces of Chaos ever since the first installment. However, Chaos didn’t get much love over the years from Creative Assembly. We’ve known for a couple of years now that this was likely because the developers wanted an entire game primarily focused around them. Based on today’s announcement, that does indeed seem to be the case.

Creative Assembly confirmed that players will be able to control armies representing all four major Chaos gods in Total War: Warhammer III. Namely, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch. The company also promised that “players will wage war with the most diverse array of legendary heroes, gargantuan monsters, flying creatures and magical powers that the series has ever seen.” That’s really saying something considering the series already has the most diverse roster of playable units in any strategy game to date.

One important announcement that was left out of today’s press release is whether or not Total War: Warhammer III will feature a massive campaign map similar to that of its predecessor. But judging by how Creative Assembly has handled the series so far, Mortal Empires 2 is almost guaranteed. Though not necessarily by that name. And not necessarily at launch, just like they did with TW: Warhammer II.

If you’re looking to check out the series before the next game drops, now would be the perfect time to do so. Total War: Warhammer II received its latest major DLC pack just a couple of months ago and there’s probably going to be one more major big update ahead of TW: Warhammer III. The base and DLC factions from Warhammer I and II are expected to be playable in Warhammer III once the Mortal Empires style campaign map launches. Provided you own the first two games and the DLCs of course.

Total War: Warhammer III is now available to pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store.    

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