4 of the Most Memorable Locations In Video Games

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Out of all the entertainment media out there, video games are truly special as they transport you and immerse you into their locations. What makes these locations truly special are their scenic environments, atmosphere, and strong visual designs. Here are the four best locations in video games.

Saint-Denis – Red Dead Redemption 2

So, after spending the majority of your time in wildlands and frozen mountaintops you come across the civilized city of Saint-Denis. It is an industrial urban city that feels out of place in the world of Red Dead Redemption. It is an accurate depiction of 19th century New Orleans.

RDR2 locations

What makes this place truly special is that it represents the growth of civilization, as the era of the Wild West comes to an end. It is everything that the members of the Van Der Linde gang are running away from. This place also has some of the best quests in the entire game and is home to some of the most interesting NPCs you will find in a video game, which makes this location worth revisiting.

Anor Londo – Dark Souls

Anor Londo is one of the most important locations in Dark Souls simply due to the lore that is attached to it. Up to this point in the game, you have been in an asylum, an undead city, an underground city that is filled with enemies that destroy you, a poisonous swamp that slows you down and a fortress that is more dangerous than some of the boss fights in the game. You arrive at Anor Londo and you see the city in all its glory. And you feel that all the punishment you have taken up to this point was worth it.

Dark Souls

You will never forget the calm and serene feeling that you get when you look at the city from a distance. That doesn’t mean that it is not dangerous. Quite the contrary. It is one of the most dangerous places in the series as it is home to, in my opinion, the toughest boss in the game. With that being said, it represents the pinnacle of level design in a From Software game and is simply worth experiencing.

Toussaint- Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Any place from The Witcher 3 can be placed on this list, but Toussaint edges out because of how much different and colorful it is from the rest of the game. The similarities to fairy-tale castles, knights, and tourneys are simply mind-blowing.

Witcher 3 locations

It introduces some of the best quests in the game, interesting NPC’s, and an excellent antagonist. The music is just amazing and its vibrant colors are a sight for sore eyes that serves as the fitting end in the story of Geralt Of Rivia.

Throat Of The World – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Throat Of The World is the highest mountain peak in all of Tamriel. This location is very significant to the Nords of Skyrim as according to legend, the sky exhaled from the mountain onto the land, creating modern-day man.

Skyrim locations

It also serves as the home of the Graybeard order who helps the Dragonborn (player character) with the mastery of The Voice. At the top sits the leader of the Graybeards, the dragon Paarthurnax, who helps you in your quest to save the world. So, when you finally reach the top of its peak you can view Skyrim in its entirety.

Final Verdict

What makes a location truly special is how much it completely mesmerizes you with its design, atmosphere and charm, and transports you into a world which you only thought existed in a dream. This concludes my list of four of the best locations in video games.

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