Everything You Need to Know About Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Just enough time has passed for us to have finally gotten over our cold sweat nightmares from surviving the horrors of the zombie-ridden Raccoon City in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now, it’s once again time to jump into the breach, dear friends. Resident Evil 3 Remake’s release is a little over a month away but we can already feel the icy chill crawling up our spines just thinking about what lurks in the shadows of the alleys, waiting to sink their teeth into us. Whether you’re a long time Resident Evil fan or deciding to make RE3 Remake your first Resi experience, this game has lots in store for you to get excited about. Here’s what you need to know about Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Same, but Different

Fans reunite with Jill Valentine and at her side Carlos Olivera, the same protagonists of the original Resident Evil 3. However, these two heroes have undergone some serious changes, both visually and characteristically. An emphasis on serious. With the RE Engine’s photo-realistic graphics, Jill and Carlos get a more life-like redesign. However, Capcom also decided to go even further with their reconstructing. Jill is now action-ready, replacing her original tube skirt with pants, tank top, and combat boots; Carlos lost his suave, pretty boy appearance and instead was replaced with long shaggy hair combined with facial hair to complete his new gritty, grizzled look.

Covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, RE Engine gives an idea of what kind of Hell Jill has been through.

In addition to her physical appearance, we’ll also get more in-depth with the personality of the character through improved writing. Many are aware of the Resident Evil’s infamous cheesy dialogue throughout the franchise. However, in an interview with IGN, producer Peter Fabiano reveals that the character’s story arcs and dialogues have been expanded. Hopefully, Jill’s dialogues will reveal more of these traits and allow players to become more connected with her. Fabiano goes on to state how even her actions provide subliminal character traits in Resident Evil 3 Remake:

“‘The director really wanted to show that Jill is a character that has the wherewithal to get through all situations,’…One of those situations, for example, is the Drain Deimos which makes an updated return in Resident Evil 3. When attacked by one of these, Jill risks getting infected with parasites which she must proceed to remove from herself by inducing vomiting.”

Talk about hardcore. However, these changes go beyond just the characters. Just like we saw in RE2 Remake, zombies, bioweapons, and the city itself got an extreme photo-realistic makeover. This attention to detail, both large and small, gives this remake a more realistic, more grisly, feel. 

An Expanded Raccoon City

If the remake follows the events of the original, then RE3 2020 will be taking place before, during, and after the events of RE2 2019. Judging from what we’ve seen from the available gameplay footage, this seems likely to be the case. Last year’s RE2 placed us into an already infected, desolated Raccoon City. In contrast, this time around we’ll be watching the city go to hell first hand. Streets on fire. Zombies shuffling everywhere. Survivors running and screaming for help. It’s certainly a more chaotic scene.

Dark, solitary quiet moments juxtapose scenes of blazing fires, street lights, and panic.

Raccoon City will also be more open for exploration. PSL’s article writes that producer Fabiano states that RE3 Remake won’t be an open world, however, “you’ll find that you’ll be able to walk through areas and explore a bit more than in the original. Keep in mind that you never know what might lurk around the corner”. 

The city isn’t the only thing being expanded. Side characters and their contribution to the story will also be expanded compared to the original: characters such as Brad Vickers and Dario Rosso will play a larger role. There’s even speculation that RE2 character Robert Kendo, will make an appearance in this upcoming remake, who was not in the original. 

More Action

Capcom producers have stated in an interview that Resident Evil 3 Remake will feature more action. Now, for those long time fans, if your stomach dropped a little, you’re not alone. PTSD flashbacks of Resident Evil 6’s highway run and gun explosions and Chris Redfield uppercutting a boulder is a common symptom. However, there’s no need for panic. Eurogamer posted a video on youtube discussing their experience during their access to a playable portion of the game. They go in-depth on what exactly the producers meant by action: a dodge mechanic that, when timed perfectly, allows time to be slowed down, giving Jill crucial seconds to pop off some headshots and shoot explosive barrels or electrify generators to hinder the zombie horde. Eurogamer declares that RE 3 Remake is still a survival-horror experience. Phew.

With scarce ammo, it is impossible to take out all the zombies. Utilizing the environment and dodging attacks will be key to surviving.

Bigger and Badder

As the main antagonist, Nemesis has been immaculately designed to be the scariest bad guy you’ll run into. His AI is based off the Tyrant from RE2, but improvements have been made. Nemesis is a more intelligent, more lethal monstrosity. His ability to stalk and locate the player goes well beyond the Tyrant’s capabilities. He’s able to leap great distances to close the gap on you, pull you in with his tentacles, deliver skull-crushing punches. Oh, and he’ll be able to shoot guns. In VideoGamer’s article, Fabiano states, “you never know when or where he might show up”.

If you thought the Tyrant was bad, wait until you get a load of Nemesis.

Old Enemies Return

Fans have been speculating the return of four bioweapons from the original: Hunter Gamma, Drain Deimos, Grave Digger, and the Brain Sucker. As terrifying as they sound, their appearance is even more horrifying. So far, Capcom has officially confirmed two via @re_games Instagram: Hunter Gamma and Drain Deimos. With these two officially in, there’s no reason the other two won’t make an appearance. The Hunter Gamma and Drain Deimos’ updated designs are equally disgusting and petrifying.

So this is what dealing with spiders in Australia feels like.

No Mercenaries or Live Selections

Capcom decided to scrap the Mercenaries mode and Live Selection mechanic from the original, to many fans’ dismay. Resistance mode replaced Mercenaries, a 1v4 multiplayer game mode rather similar to survival horror game Dead by Daylight. Live Selection was a quick time event forcing the character to make decisions that will alter the storyline, leading to multiple different endings. Instead, Resident Evil 3 Remake will have a singular, linear story in an effort to create a centralized canon for the franchise. 

Demo on the Way

Capcom officially announced that a demo will be soon available for all to play. Considering RE3’s release date being April 3rd, it’s very safe to assume the demo is guaranteed to be available this month. So stock up on ammo and herbs: Resident Evil is coming back.

Resident Evil 3 releases April 3rd for Windows, Playstation, and Xbox

Brock Morgan

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Resident Evil 3 Remake”

  1. I hope the demo isnt another 1-shot nonsense. I had to use a damn trainer just to enjoy the demo cause of it’s time/use limit.

    I am going to get this game on pc (obviously, since only a fool would buy this on the weak ass ps4,) but I really hope someone does a mod on release day to fix how ugly Jill is in this game. Barf, we have enough ugly women in the world, we don’t need them in our escapist entertainment (tv, movies, video games, magazines, etc…) It’s pretty bad when a straight male thinks Carlos in RE3Remake is more attractive than Jill…That is some hardcore fail on making a female character…

    • Interesting, despite how much I appreciated the previous model for Jill, I actually find this one very attractive. They of course went away with the elegant model look and instead a more gritty and grounded approach, but I find this more edgy, hardcore Jill even more attractive. Just from what little we’ve been able to see, I get a better sense of her personality than previous titles. I feel that with the combination of this more realistic design and her bad ass personality, this iteration of Jill will be the best!


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