Top 3 Paladins Front Lines in the Current Meta

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Blizard’s Overwatch is regarded as the best hero shooter you can play right now, however, HI-Rez studios have created a phenomenal hero shooter of their own in the form of Paladins. Paladins is a 5v5 PVP game where you and your teammates work together to achieve a goal, whether that be capturing a point or pushing a payload. However, the one major thing that differentiates Paladins to the behemoth that is Overwatch is its price.

Rather than being a full-priced game like Overwatch, Paladins is completely free to play. Yes, there’s skins and battle passes but that’s all forgiven considering the sheer amount of content you get for the minuscule price of £0. Along with the great entry point, Paladins also bolsters a whopping 41 playable champions all complete with unique abilities ranging from unleashing a barrage of rockets at your foes to turning into a fire breathing dragon (if that alone doesn’t tempt you to play the game then you’re crazy).

However, I do realise that the eclectic amount of champions may be daunting for some so lucky for you, I have compiled four lists of the best champions in each class based on stats and my opinion. This is the first one and it’s all about the front lines.

Front Lines

The front line is the foundation of any solid team composition. They hold the responsibility of attacking, capturing and maintaining control of the objective whilst also soaking up enemy damage to protect their teammates. Because of their responsibilities, the best front lines are those who can control a point and efficiently protect their team.



Health: 4000

Movement speed: 350

Khan is an offensive front line whose skills make him well suited to breaking up the enemy teams positioning and supporting his team in an attack to capture the objective. Khan’s primary weapon, the heavy repeater, is efficient in medium range encounters as it deals 200 damage per 0.26 seconds. This high DPS in combination with his ability to grab and throw an enemy (Commander’s grab) makes him the ideal champion for breaking up an enemy attack and giving his teammates an opportunity to attack.

Khan can protect himself with a 6000 health shield that recharges when inactive and he can also heal himself and allies around him for 1000 health with his battle shout ability. The combination of Khan’s supportive and offensive abilities make him a champion well equipped to capture an objective whilst protecting and healing his teammates.




Movement speed:350

Makoa is a front line who’s abilities focus on protecting himself and his teammates from a large amount of damage. His shell shield can block 6000 damage for 4 seconds and allows allies to enter the shield, making it the perfect protection against enemy ultimates or large attacks from enemies. His primary weapon is a slow firing cannon that shoots one 650 damage cannonball every second. Due to their slow rate of fire and high bullet drop, his cannons aren’t very dangerous but can deal a lot of damage at close range.

Makoa’s dredge anchor hooks and drags nearby enemies towards him leaving them vulnerable to attacks from his cannons or his teammate’s attacks. This anchor, when used well, can break up enemy positioning and pick off the opposing team’s weaker champions.

During shell spin, Makoa hides in his shell and spins towards enemies in front of him dealing 150 damage to those in his path and knocking back enemies leaving them vulnerable to focused attacks from damages and flanks.

One of Makoa’s most powerful abilities is his ultimate ability (ancient rage) in which he calls upon the power of the ancients and attacks enemies with his anchor as his primary weapon, dealing 650 damage per successful hit. This ultimate also increases Makoa’s health by 5000 in the 8 seconds it lasts. Ancient rage is an ultimate that can easily clear an objective as it can deal high amounts of damage to enemies and allows Makoa to maintain his presence on the point with his increased health.




Movement speed:345

The final front line on this is list is my favourite and my most hated character in Paladins – Terminus. Terminus is a front line whose main advantage is that he’s impossibly hard to kill in closed spaces. His primary weapon is a deadly axe that deals 650 damage per hit making it extremely effective in close quarters fights with enemies vying for the objective. To compliment Terminus’s primary is his secondary attack, Calamity Blast, a direct damage projectile that deals 250 damage making it the perfect weapon for picking off fleeing opponents or low health enemies such as healers.

The last of Terminus’s offensive abilities is Shatterfall. This is an ability that allows him to leap into the air and ground slam enemies with his axe. Those affected will lose 500 damage and will be slowed by 60% for 2 seconds. Terminus is also equipped with a shield that absorbs all types of enemy ranged attacks and charges Calamity blasts for every 1200 damage absorbed. This essentially gives Terminus the ability to send any damage you throw at him right back at you, making him a good pick for maintaining objective control.

Arguably Terminus’s greatest ability is his ultimate, Reanimate. During Reanimate, Terminus returns to life after death and in doing so deals 4000 damage to enemies in the surrounding area. The surprising nature of Reanimate and its high amount of damage make it the perfect ultimate for clearing a point and tipping the scale of an attack to your team’s favour, as the damage the ultimate deals is enough to kill the majority of champions or leave them extremely weak, making them easy kills.

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  1. The Terminus section should include a caveat regarding all of his bugs. It’s better than it was a few months ago, but often it’s still a toss up whether he acts as intended or not.


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