Nvidia Pranks Gamers by Announcing AI-powered Virtual Assistant

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Gaming and tech companies have a long tradition of celebrating
April Fools by coming up with outlandish pranks related to their products. One
of the best pranks we’ve seen this year (so far) comes courtesy of Nvidia and
involves a “revolutionary AI-powered holographic assistant.” Known simply as
R.O.N., the virtual assistant is said to be designed specifically for hardcore PC
gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. Check out
what Nvidia has to say about R.O.N. in the video down below.

Despite being an obvious April Fools prank, Nvidia does a good job at making the holographic gaming assistant look like a real product. In fact, it’s quite a shame that R.O.N. isn’t real because this sort of device would definitely come in handy. But let’s set our disbelief aside for a second and pretend R.O.N. is real, shall we? According to Nvidia, the AI-powered virtual assistant would offer the following features:

Project Full 3D Maps in Augmented Reality

Apex Legends can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not familiar with the best drop locations. Don’t worry, though, because R.O.N. can keep tabs on where you drop each game and suggest the absolute best location to land in the future based on your success rate in each area. R.O.N. is also a virtual coach and can apparently come up with a solid game plan for you, such as hiding in the Bunker until the coast is clear.

Impressive Translation Capabilities

Right off the bat, the AI gaming assistant can support up to 18 different languages, including Spanish, French and Chinese judging by the announcement video posted by Nvidia. Not only that but R.O.N. also comes equipped with cutting-edge “RageConverter” technology, which automatically translates all foul language into supportive messages for your teammates over voice chat. I think we all know a few people who could use something like that.

Trolls Beware

Trolls often make it difficult to have constructive discussions online so why not let R.O.N. take care of them? The “TrollDestroyer” feature allows the AI-powered virtual assistant to use the entire might of the internet in order to put together lengthy forum posts backed by solid facts and arguments. However, Nvidia mentions that R.O.N. is only an equal match for your average online troll so you may need to handle the expert trolls yourself.

Fewer Distractions, Longer Gaming Sessions

“TalkBlock” is perhaps the most impressive feature offered by R.O.N. According to Nvidia, the virtual assistant is capable of using various techniques meant to distract your beloved ones, thus giving you a bit of extra time to play your favorite games.

In order to make things even more convincing, Nvidia added a notification button to its website that will allegedly let you know when R.O.N. becomes available to purchase. As far as I can tell, clicking that button simply signs you up to the Nvidia newsletter.

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