Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls Are All Headed to PC Later This Year

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Epic Games seems adamant about acquiring the digital distribution rights to as many titles as possible and selling said titles exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The latest batch of games that will be sold this way are quite unexpected and include none other than Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain.

All three games, which are currently Playstation exclusives, will make their
way to PC via the Epic Games Store at some point later this year. We’re not
sure when exactly just yet. What we do know, however, is that this is a
limited-time exclusivity deal that will only last for one year.

Once the deal expires, there’s a good chance that Detroit: Become Human and the others will also be made available on Steam and possibly other platforms at some point.

Get a Taste of Quantic Dream’s Work by Playing Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

There is currently only one Quantic Dream title available on Steam in the
form of Fahrenheit, better known as Indigo Prophecy in North America. This was
the developer’s last game to be published by a different company other than
Sony. The version found on Steam is not the original one published by Atari
back in 2005, but rather Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, which came out
in 2015 courtesy of Aspyr Media.

Releasing a PC game on a platform other than Steam would have seemed highly
counter-productive just a few months ago but things have changed significantly
since then. Nowadays, developers seem to be pushing and shoving to secure
exclusivity deals with Epic in order to gain a bigger cut of the profits.

In spite of some of the criticism coming from Steam users, it’s pretty hard
to blame developers for wanting to move away from the outrageous 30% cut Valve
is taking on all game sales.

No other platform can compare to Steam’s level of exposure but as it turns
out, some companies are no longer worried about that. According to Epic Games,
the exclusivity deal with 4A Games for Metro Exodus helped the game sell 2.5
times better than its predecessor, Metro: Last Light.

Meanwhile, Julian Gollop recently stepped up and defended his own exclusivity deal with Epic after news broke out that his upcoming title, Phoenix Point, will only be available on the Epic Games Store. The creator of the original X-Come series stated that the deal with Epic allows his team to focus more resources into the development process and that Phoenix Point will end up being “a better game” because of that.

More Upcoming Epic Games Store Exclusives

In addition to Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and
Phoenix Point, there are a few other major titles we’re just recently learned
will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

These include The Outer Worlds and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, both of
which will be published by 2K’s Private Division. In addition, Epic also
managed to snag Remedy Entertainment’s highly anticipated third-person shooter,

The specific details of Epic’s deal with 2K and Remedy are being kept under
wraps but it’s possible these three games will only remain exclusive to the
Epic Games Store for a limited time. All three titles can still be found on
Steam but it’s likely their store pages will be removed sometime in the near

Control, the Outer Worlds, and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey are also set
to release sometime later this year.

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