Stephen King’s Elevation More Than Mere Fiction?

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Can’t we all relate to Stephen King’s Elevation? Haven’t we all been there? Engulfed in the petty problems that pester our daily thoughts.

Have you ever lied awake, consumed by other people’s thoughts, not realizing that they too are immersed in their own predicaments?

We care more about our trivial conflicts with our neighbors than we do about getting along. We worry endlessly about our physical appearance, striving for unattainable perfection. And we dodge the scales because we’re afraid that the number we see is going to ruin our day. We assume our side of the story is the only side, refusing to acknowledge the impact our actions have on the people surrounding us.

Stephen King’s novella Elevation was published last year on October 30th and, unsurprisingly, became a New York Times bestseller. In it, Scott Carrey shifts his perspective from focusing on the nitty-gritty details of life to an elevated state of mind. And, quite literally, of his body. What initially seems to be a dream come true for anyone who has ever been overweight turns in time into a worrisome phenomenon for Scott Carrey.

Perplexingly Enough, There Seems to be no Medically-explained Reason for Scott’s Rapid Weight-loss.

Elevation’s story gets eerier as it appears that no matter what he carries in his pockets or what clothes he might be wearing, the scales do not seem to budge. It’s as if, as Scott’s friend Doctor Bob Ellis seems to acknowledge, his body has become immune to gravity. It is interesting to note, however, that the lighter his body gets, the more his prejudices seem to fade.

All the petty conflicts in his life seem to dissipate as he contemplates that these might be his final months. The battle of wills he is engaged in with the couple living next-door, Mrs. Deirdre McComb and Mrs. Missy Donaldson slowly seems to melt into a friendship that would have never been possible, had it not been for his mysterious illness.

Elevation, unlike other of Stephen King’s works, does not dwell on the gruesome side of human nature. King’s trademark is nonetheless visible in the fascination for the mystical undergarment of life.

The Bizarre Ending of Elevation Seems to Raise a Few Questions:

Did Stephen King really write a story about a mysterious illness or is it a metaphor about enlightenment?

Is shedding your prejudices going to help you shed your weight, physical or psychological?

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Jade Stone

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