Netflix Now More Expensive Across the Board for New Members

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If you still haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, you’ve been missing out. And not just on great original series like Stranger Things, Altered Carbon or House of Cards, although that is of the main reasons. But another important reason is that Netflix just got a bit more expensive so you’ll need to pay extra if you want to subscribe to the streaming service from now on. The price hike only applies to new members for the time being. However, existing members will also need to fork out some more dough soon enough.

Netflix raised the prices for all its subscription plans by 13-18% starting today. The cheapest Basic plan got the smallest increase, from $8 up to $9, while the price for the Standard plan rose by a couple of bucks, from $11 up to $13. Meanwhile, if you want to go for the most expensive 4K Premium plan you’ll now need to pay $16 per month instead of $14. Existing Netflix subscribers don’t need to worry about the price hike just yet but the changes will start rolling out for them as well over the next three months.

Not the First Price Hike and Likely Not the Last Either

This isn’t the first time Netflix bumped up its prices but it is the most significant increase across the board so far. The last time Netflix got more expensive was back in October 2017. At the time, the company announced an increase a 10% but only for its two most expensive streaming plans. Subscription count remained largely unaffected in the past despite the increasingly higher prices. It’s pretty safe to say that Netflix subscribers are a loyal bunch and will most likely continue to stick with the platform for the foreseeable future even if it will cost them a bit more.

As for why Netflix decided to bump up the prices again, company representatives stated that the extra income will help pay for all the new original content that’s currently in the works. The company made a very similar statement in October 2017 and definitely delivered on its promise to add more original content. In 2018 alone subscribers got to enjoy brand new shows like Altered Carbon, The End of the F***ing World, Maniac, Lost in Space, and Disenchantment, among many others. In addition, we also got new seasons for a lot of existing shows and a handful of good movies to boot. Overall, not a bad year.

It’s Pretty Hard to Be Upset With Netflix at the Moment

This most recent price increase couldn’t have been announced at a better time. The popularity of Netflix is currently at an all-time high following the recent success of the standalone Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch. The episode was a bit of a gamble but paid off big time and is a good indication that Netflix is very interested in continuing to take risks, innovate, and revolutionize online entertainment as we know it.

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