New Attack on Titan Movie Now in the Works at Warner Bros.

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Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a very popular manga series that was adapted into an even more popular anime series back in 2013. A couple of years ago, a Japanese two-part live-action adaptation was also produced but never gained much traction, especially in the west. Now a new Attack on Titan movie is apparently in the works and this one sounds a lot more promising.

This upcoming film is being produced by Hollywood and helmed by Andy Muschietti. Barbara Muschietti, David Heyman, and Masi Oka are reportedly also attached to the project. According to a Variety report, the studio handling the film is Warner Bros.

A Lot of Talented People are Involved in this Project

Director Andy Muschietti is no stranger to big projects like this, though his last one was a little different. Muschietti directed last year’s horror blockbuster It, a highly successful adaptation of the Stephen King novel bearing the same name. He also directed Mama and is currently working on It: Chapter Two. His sister, Barbara Muschietti, worked alongside him as a producer on both It and Mama. The two are now working together on the upcoming It sequel.

It’s safe to say the two siblings have a passion for horror, which is good news for Attack on Titan. Although this may not be a horror series per se, there’s definitely plenty of gore, blood, and violence throughout both the manga and the anime.

As for David Heyman, he helped produced dozens of movies over the years, many of which you’re probably familiar with. Just a few of his many projects include Yes Man, I Am Legend, Gravity, and the entire Harry Potter series, to name just a few. He also worked on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Heyman is currently also producing its sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Meanwhile, Masi Oka is known primarily as an actor but he also started working as a producer recently. You may know him as Hiro Nakamura from the hit TV series Heroes. Attack on Titan will not be his first manga/anime adaptation as he also worked on Death Note and is currently producing a Mega Man movie. Granted, Death Note was a bit of a mess but that wasn’t really his fault.

Attack on Titan Series Currently on Hiatus

The previous live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan was a bit of a flop so you’re better off sticking with the anime series if you want to learn more about this franchise. Coincidentally, season 3 of the show went on an unexpected break just a couple of weeks ago. In other words, now would be the perfect time to catch up. There’s no telling when new episodes will start airing again. However, reports indicate that there won’t be any more Attack on Titan until at least early 2019. That said, if you’re craving for more titan-slaying action right now, you could also try the Attack on Titan video games. They’re actually pretty good all things considered.

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