Leasing an Electric Car – Why Is It So Popular?

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Electric cars are continuing to conquer the US market today, and this process is quite natural. Their excellent fuel economy and eco-friendliness combined with amazing power output and stunning precision handling. After one trip in such a car, you are already looking for the opportunity to lease a Nissan or Toyota with these inspiring design features. Have you ever felt like this? If so, EVs were created specifically for you we should say!

What Are the Types of Electric Cars?

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Depending on the participation of electric vehicle in your everyday drive, the following vehicle types are defined there:

  • Hybrid Vehicle (HEV). These cars are the closest to the internal combustion engines typical for the majority of the automobiles today. The electric vehicle acts like an auxiliary unit here allowing the petrol engine to save more units. The cars of this kind can use only an electric unit for a ride but the ranges are shorter in this case.
  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV). These engines are more advanced because more electric power is provided here, and less efficiency is demanded from the petrol power unit. The range is also bigger there, as some specials like Hyundai Tucson and Jeep Grand Cherokee may cover up to 200 miles!
  • Electric Cars (EVs). The definition is very simple here; these cars use just electric energy for any drive, and no petrol units are required. The number of fully electric vehicles is growing from year to year, and the list of the most popular options include Hyundai Ioniq, Cadillac Escalade Electric, Audi Q6 e-tron, and many others.

If you think of an electric car lease, the PHEVs seem to be the sweet spot here. The petrol engine can serve you well in case an electric one is broken for some reason.

Why Leasing an Electric Car is Better than Buying?

It may seem that electric cars are perfect so that you can immediately fork out and put them in your garage. However, experts from Grand Prix Motors, an auto broker from New York, cite the following arguments in favor of their leasing:

  1. You’re testing how well an electrical auto suits you. EVs are still very specific, so leasing gives you the opportunity to understand how comfortable it is to drive a car like this. You can return it to the lessor if you don’t feel confident; however, it is quite difficult to do if the vehicle is already purchased.
  2. Opportunity to try different EVs in a short period of time. Each manufacturer offers its own electric cars with unique characteristics, so you can test new ones every couple of years and acquire helpful expertise.
  3. You save more than you could have imagined. Electric vehicles are rather expensive for the time being, but still, you can afford it if you lease. For example, Grand Prix Motors offers Hyundai Kona Electric for just $347 per month and Ioniq at the monthly payment of $370.

Electric cars are another step into the future and independence from the fuel, polluting the atmosphere. At the same time, leasing gives you the opportunity to understand how you keep up with the times, and if you feel like trying, don’t hesitate!

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