Auto from the USA: how not to buy junk?

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The trends are such that online auctions are considered by most of us as the main way to buy used cars. This is the easiest and most comfortable access to the secondary car market, which has many advantages, but also has disadvantages.

The latter include the lack of opportunity to thoroughly check the technical condition, information about the status of the car, which may be stolen, pledged, etc. Therefore, the search and purchase of a used car should always be accompanied by a VIN-code check, which is better performed on a special service:

Why it’s important to inspect a used car before you buy it

Why it's important to inspect a used car before you buy itLack of access to the complete vehicle history may cause restrictions on the future operation of the vehicle. This can happen for technical or legal reasons. For example, the involvement of the car in a traffic accident, during which it was seriously damaged, can reduce the safety of traveling on it, and cause more serious violations. If the fact of involvement in an accident is established, the buyer will pay closer attention to the possible consequences of the accident.

It is equally important to know the legal status of the vehicle. If after purchase it turns out to be stolen or pledged, you may completely lose the right to own the vehicle. To prevent this from happening, you will need a vehicle history report, which is generated from the VIN.

Where to check vehicle history by VIN code

Special online services provide an opportunity to check a used car by VIN code. The report is generated from a centralized database, so it does not matter in which state you buy a car: California, Washington, Arizona or another.

The verification process is as simple as possible. In a special form you enter the 17-digit VIN code, which can be found in the documents or on the car body, after which the system generates a full report on the vehicle’s operating history.

Among the existing online services for checking cars by VIN code are the following:


We will tell you more about each of them in detail

A unique service that offers the most comprehensive reports on vehicle operating history. The generated report contains information that can only be obtained by using several similar services.  This is one of the advantages of Checking a car by VIN code on this service has a number of advantages:

  • quick check on a paid and free basis;
  • multilingual support;
  • the possibility to choose a payment method;
  • A comprehensive report that includes data from a wide variety of government and commercial sources.

The service reports provide the following basic information:

  • odometer readings;
  • data on inspections, repairs;
  • participation of the vehicle in road traffic accidents;
  • technical characteristics of the machine, original equipment, its changes;
  • information on hijackings;
  • conditions of use (e.g. in cab services);
  • vehicle status (pledged, utilized, etc.), etc.

The service provides reports that also allow you to reduce the risks of buying used cars with hidden defects. Uses data from government and commercial organizations. The database has information about more than 350 million vehicles.

The service has been operating since 2012 and offers to use the VIN decoder to all potential buyers of used cars. In the system it is possible to check the identification numbers of all cars manufactured after 1980.

The IAAI and Copart auctions serve as sources of data for the resource. These are the most popular online auctions for the sale of used cars, thanks to which vehicles are distributed all over the world. The IAAI auction sells the most popular cars on the secondary car market – those offered for sale by insurance companies and banks.

In the service’s report, the data is provided in the same form as it can be found on IAAI and Copart. This is information about damage, involvement in accidents, and photos of cars.


The secondary market is an opportunity to own an inexpensive vehicle in good technical condition. There are always very favorable offers here and they will remain so, if you spend a minimum of time and analyze the data of reports on the history of the car.

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