Game guide for Destiny 2: what’s new in the Lightfall update and how to start playing

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At the end of February, Bungie introduced a major Lightfall add-on for Destiny 2, in which players will go to the cyberpunk city on Neptune. Let’s take a look at what updates await players in the Lightfall add-on.

  • With the launch of Lightfall, players will have access to a large-scale story campaign related to the dark army of Calus. It will complete the arc of the battle of Light and Darkness. It will be possible to pass the story campaign, including on the legendary difficulty level. The Destiny 2 lightfall carry service will help you reach this legendary difficulty level. With the help of this service, for a small fee, you can quickly and most importantly safely reach exactly the level that you want.
  • The game will feature the planet Neptune, where players can visit the cyberpunk city of Neomunu, created during the golden age of human civilization. No one knew of its existence before.
  • On Neptune, players will also have to fight against cloud striders and giant Tormentirs, which will appear in Destiny 2 for the first time.
  • An additional subclass of Darkness – Strand will appear in the game.
  • The developers will add a build manager to Destiny 2, which will allow you to quickly switch between equipment. In addition a group search will become available right in the game.

We are sure that these updates will please fans of the game. Multiplayer games are often characterized by the complexity of the actions, the many items available, so they are difficult to master quickly. The basic gameplay seems straightforward, but it’s very easy for a beginner to get lost in the variety of mechanics, game systems, and constant updates and stop understanding how to play it all and how to get to the most interesting part. In this regard, in Destiny 2, a beginner will face the same problem: it will take a lot of time to navigate and it will almost certainly require help from outside. Therefore, we have prepared for you a guide to the game with  useful tips.

We tell you in detail how to start playing the shooter produced by Bungie.

Try it yourself

Better than any guide or text, digging in the game on your own will help you. For now, put the article aside and just go to Destiny 2. The tutorial is silent on some details, does not save the beginner from confusion with a mountain of modes and mechanics, but he gets at least a basic idea of ​​what he is dealing with. He will be shown the main activities, will be helped to understand all sorts of menus and will be given plenty of shooting at the crowds of aliens. But even after the training phase, you can continue to try to learn everything on your own experience. Try different classes and weapons, look into the secluded corners of the world, complete starting tasks, read hints – just do what you want. And only when you get the feeling that you are lost and wasting time, it is worth looking for guides and people who are ready to lecture on each revolver.

Be on topic

Mastering any massively multiplayer online role-playing game is easier if you become part of its community. It is not necessary to comment on all posts on Reddit – it is enough to track the flow of information about the game not only in itself, but also on various sites and YouTube channels. Moreover, it is desirable that they plunge into the nuances that the trailers do not directly say.

Sometimes only in large communities or video guides it will be possible to find out what the reworking of individual perks and equipment characteristics has led to, what is now part of the meta, what to look for in the new season or event, how to find strong weapons or complete certain missions faster. 

Things to do in Destiny 2

What you would expect from any massively multiplayer online role-playing game is that it will be able to entertain the player in different ways, offering him different types of activities in which he can try on different roles, facing different difficulties. Destiny 2 fits into this model quite well, trying to provide something interesting for several types of audience at once.

There is something to do here, both for fans of shooting at crowds of enemies, and for those who prefer live opponents or something in between. You can either relax after a hard day’s work or go on a long hike that requires high concentration from all participants.

Character leveling

The absence of character levels will certainly seem unusual. The main indicator that you need to focus on is the level of the Strength of the equipment. This is the average value of the Strength indicators of weapons and armor that are in active inventory slots.

It is the level of Strength that determines what activities you will have access to and whether the enemies in the current location will be too strong. And while most modes can be played without problems right from the start, there are especially difficult activities where the threshold of Strength is quite high, and it will take some time to reach it.

At first, pumping will go very quickly, but at some point, equipment indicators will stop rising above a certain value. The point is this: the higher the category, the more narrow the possibilities for increasing the level of Strength.

So you don’t have to pay too much attention to leveling. Do it gradually, in parallel with other activities.

Read our tips before you start playing Destiny 2 and then it will be much easier for you to join the game!

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