Xbox Games in 2023

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Year 3 for Microsoft’s fourth-generation Xbox games Series X and Series S consoles

Though Year 1’s one-of-a-kind Xbox games debut was light, the second half of this generation’s first year brought the inundation fans have waited years for. Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator seemed to end the Xbox’s patented games drought. Since you lived it, you know the story. 2022 was a desert mirage: could you truly see water ahead? Xbox users who have spent much must be satisfied in 2023. Microsoft, a trillion-dollar enterprise, seems to have worn out its players. However, there’s hope.

Xbox games Follies

Starfield is the first brand-new intellectual property (IP) from legendary game designer Todd Howard in a long time. It’s the beginning game he directed till Fallout Four 7 years ago. People will talk about this exclusive blockbuster for Xbox in 2023.

Howard was calling his shot in 2020, saying the movie would come out one year earlier than expectations. He shot for November 11, 2022. That didn’t work out, but Starfield is almost here. With apologies to Arkane’s Redfall (which we’ll get to in a moment). Starfield is the biggest game from Bethesda since Microsoft bought the company for $7.5 billion two years ago. However, it’s also the kind of exclusive that makes people desire to purchase into the Xbox universe. In other words, Starfield is the kind of game that makes people want to buy it.

And there’s bright news for the zillions of folks who are still playing the Starfield team’s own version of Skyrim. Starfield could be Skyrim in space. This should be good news for the zillions of Elder Scrolls acolytes who are marking time for the 6th game.

Games on the rise

Microsoft originally created Xbox for pre-teens. Xbox Game Studios creates games, streaming services, an Xbox network, and five consoles. Xbox debuted in the US in November 2001. The original American video gaming console followed the Atari Jaguar’s 1996 demise. May 2006 saw 24 million sales. Xbox 360s have sold 86 million since 2005. Xbox One, the third console, has sold 51 million devices since November 2013. Series X and S of Xbox debuted in November 2020. Late March 2014 saw Phil Spencer succeed Marc Whitten at Xbox.

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