Best Romance Novels of 2022

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Guilty Pleasures

Nobody wants to admit they read and relish romance novels – but we do, don’t we? So relax by the fire on a cold winter night with one of these hot ones!

Christina Lauren’s Wilder, Adventure romance ruled 2022.

Christina Lauren’s exhilarating second-chance romance follows The Lost City’s hilarious rom-com. Tragedy and miscommunication tore Leo Grady and Lily Wilder apart. Leo unexpectedly arrives on one of Lily’s guided “treasure” searches using her father’s Utah canyon maps, and they struggle for their lives. The authors masterfully blend the thrill of treasure hunting with the real stakes, adding desire and sadness. They always combine deep emotion with rom-com humor, but Something Wilder is a departure. It’s richer in sentiment and more intricate in its skillfully designed turns and twists, making readers want more literary hijinks with the always-intriguing pair of writers.

Romance novel By Kate Spencer, “In a New York Minute”

Nora Ephron may not be with us anymore, but Kate Spencer is. Her first book is a celebration of New York City’s chance encounters. The elegance of the more reflective moments that pepper a budding romance. In the middle of a terrible day, Franny Doyle meets the buttoned-up Hayes Montgomery III on the subway. She is humiliated to discover that she becomes famous online with the hashtag #SubwayQTs as the internet creates an untrue connection between them. The injured Franny and Hayes spend more time together. As they do they learn that despite having diametrically opposed personalities, their vulnerabilities may be ideally suited. Spencer is aware that the most romantic parts of relationships in reality often include calm comfort. Not necessarily dramatic gestures, although those are also wonderful.

Instead of coming at you like lightning, love sneaks up on you like rain as it transitions from gentle showers to a full-blown storm. There is genuine comfort in Spencer’s talent for delicate prose. Which she employs to create tales with the desire to make readers pause and relish the experience. 

Bromance novels

A new category has just appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list for the year. These are not LGBT stories but rather a ‘buddy movie’ type thing. Where two guys bond over a shared adventure. We recommend these for guys who can’t afford to be caught dead with a Harlequin paperback or a bag of Boom-Chicka-Pop.

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