In Tower of Fantasy, What are the Steps to Obtain Black Gold?

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Black Gold is a form of in-game cash you cannot acquire during your usual playtime of Tower of Fantasy. Instead, the only way to acquire Black Gold is to participate in the gacha system, a feature within the game. When a wanderer summons a Special Order in the game, they must expend a Gold Nucleus as part of the process. In addition, if you spend Gold Nucleus during the game, you will unlock the ability to gather Black Gold.

Keep in mind

It is important to remember that you can exchange Black Gold and Gold Nuclei the same proportions; more specifically, you will receive one unit of Black Gold for every unit of Gold Nuclei you spend.

How is this done?

As was already established, the idea of Black Gold is comparable to Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy. Because you can trade Gold Nuclei in the game, you should consider collecting them when obtaining Black Gold. However, the topic of obtaining Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy suddenly emerges.

This question has a straightforward solution. Direct purchases are the most efficient, practical, and best way to acquire Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy. Here, we refer to a direct purchase as one made with real money, so you can buy Gold Nuclei directly from the store using real money.

Be aware that there are additional ways to obtain Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy, including the idea of fulfilling milestones, achievements, map exploration, and other different tasks. It’s up to you whether you choose the first choice or the second one; the only distinction between the two is that the second option takes a little longer than the first one but has the advantage of not requiring actual money to be spent on something that you can also obtain for free.

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