Artificial Intelligence & Samsung: What’s Next?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being pushed as the new big tech for a number of years. Samsung Research is at the forefront of recent technological enhancements that have real world applications. Here’s a breakdown of how they plan to have even smarter devices at your fingertips soon!

The Samsung virtual AI forum, which took place in 2020, Samsung presented a human-centered long-term plan for their AI strategy. Their aim is to create custom-designed applications that offer superior experiences for users.

Instead of seeking out the latest technology that looks like a gimmick, Samsung wants to focus on personalization and assist consumers in finding the right products to meet their needs and budget, but still being able to provide experiences unlike other brands.

What is Samsung doing in the present, in terms of it’s AI initiatives? Here’s the latest information on how Samsung is leading the way on the AI area and delivering in their pledge to put artificial intelligence in the heart of their most recent technological advancements.

AI Avatars

Samsung will unveil their latest innovation in using AI to help make life easier with the virtual personal housekeeper assistant. The AI avatar will transform your home into a digital universe and then visualize your home in real-time and connect you to nearby devices.

From Samsung: “The AI avatar is a ‘life assistant’ that can do work on behalf of users anywhere and anytime. It can understand on-device conversations and control home appliances.”

There is speculation that bixby will be replaced by computer generated 3D avatars such as these:

image courtesy of samsung research

Samsung Smartphones AI

The cameras that are AI-enabled have a better ability to detect visuals which allows users to capture better pictures and have more enjoyment while taking them.

Samsung cameras produce better portrait photos , recognizing faces, and adjust the balance and exposure of skin tones across various lighting conditions. Phones can also help with storage by organizing images into categories to help you find photos more easily while browsing.

Localized AI processors in some smartphones are also providing an immersive, interactive virtual real-world and augmented reality experiences. Through combining location data along with fast object recognition, Samsung provides more enjoyable experiences for customers in the education, travel, and retail markets.

Samsung’s virtual Assistant: Bixby

Similar to other virtual assistants, Bixby simplifies our lives by completing tasks and responding to questions by processing the language and speech patterns that we input into our queries.

Bixby Features include items such as:

  • Bixby routines: Discovering your individual patterns and recommend an automated procedure for your tasks
  • Improve your predictions: Based upon the information it gets, Bixby can anticipate what you’ll require and provide specific suggestions.
  • Fast Command: When the user sets up an event operation, Bixby carries out a sequence of tasks that are in a particular sequence. For instance, you could make a trigger command known as “bedtime routine” which will, e.g., share the forecast for tomorrow’s weather or set a wake-up alarm and play a “winding down” music playlist to help you fall asleep.
  • Manage your home: If your devices are connected to SmartThings, Bixby can do things like change the channel on your TV and switching on the lights and off, as well as turn up your thermostat.

Household Robots Take Over

samsung bot handy
image courtesy of samsung research

At the January Consumer Electronics Expo, Samsung revealed their Artificial Intelligence-powered home robot.

Samsung Bot Handy is in development, and not yet available to the commercial market. It is designed to handle chores and offer to help you around the house. It will ease the burden for you by taking care of dishes and laundry, and can even serve your glass of wine after a long hard day.

The company also unveiled the AI powered robotic vacuum it’s called the JetBot 90AI+ which makes use of smart sensors along with object detection to guide you around your home and deliver the perfect clean floor.

Samsung is also planning to show a real robot called Samsung Bot I. Samsung Bot I at CES that they will call the life-long companion. It will move from between sides and engage with you, establishing the possibility of a video conference.

Smarter Smart TVs

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Samsung TVs now provide viewers with personalized recommendations for content. Natural Language Processing can also allow users to manage their volume of channels, apps, and much more with voice commands.

Machine learning is also constantly improving the resolution of content available on Samsung TVs. AI can upscale content from lower resolution versions up to 8k resolution, which gives viewers a higher quality of experience and crystal clear definition.

Samsung Innovation

Samsung is also working to advance the development of smart and autonomous vehicles through developments such as Samsung AutoSSD.

AI technology in connected cars can help us stay safe by monitoring vehicle components for possible failures, identifying possible dangers, and preventing us from becoming lost or falling asleep behind the wheel by monitoring our head’s position while driving.

Technology’s future is currently being changed through the potential of AI and machine learning. Manufacturers such as Samsung constantly integrate AI into new and exciting ways to provide superior customer experiences and remain competitive in a highly competitive market.

We, as consumers, reap the rewards from the latest innovations from the highway to our kitchen!

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