Hitman 3 Year 2 Reveal Stream – Everything You Need to Know

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IO interactive revealed several new features coming to Hitman 3 in year 2. Year 2 content will begin on January 20th, 2022. Two new games modes were detailed and several updates specifically for PC players.

Elusive Target mode

The first game mode presented was Elusive Target arcade. Elusive Target arcade will provide an additional challenge for seasoned players, tasking them with taking out several targets in one go. Failing a trial requires players to wait a full day before a second attempt. Elusive target arcade will launch on January 20th, 2022

Hitman trilogy

The Hitman Trilogy will launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on January 20th, consisting of Hitman 1 through 3. Also for the first time, Hitman 3 will be available via Steam, ending its one-year exclusivity deal with Epic. Xbox players will be happy to hear that the Hitman Trilogy launches day 1 on Gamepass and Gamepass for PC.

For PC players, the IOI team announced a vast number of technical improvements, as well as a VR mode.

VR support launches on PC and will be available for all three games. VR brings with it new ways to play including a throwing mechanic. The developers remarked that “it makes you feel really badass” to play in VR and from the footage shown, I’m inclined to agree.

Technical improvements touted for PC include ray-tracing and variable ray shading. IOI will also be one of the first studios to implement XeSS technology from Intel. XeSS is an upscaling technology and a direct competitor to DLSS. In addition, the Hitman team stated that there is more news to come for PC players later this year.

Freelancer mode

The last new mode presented by IOI was Freelancer mode. Freelancer mode promises to provide a roleplaying experience for Hitman players. A customizable safehouse that will act as Agent 47’s base of operations. From the safe house, the player can take on contracts against different dubious organizations.

From the start of a Freelancer campaign, you will be able to take out different targets in any order. The end of the mission requires killing the organization’s leader. At the onset of your mission, Agent 47 will not know the identity of the leader. The player learns this information during the mission, allowing for greater replayability as the leader will change upon subsequent playthroughs.

The Freelancer campaign is touted by the team to be inspired by roguelike games. IOI is adding more consequences to failed missions in the Freelancer campaign. Agent 47 can purchase weapons and upgrades from suppliers in this mode. The weapons will be lost though if Agent 47 is killed during the campaign. Freelancer modes planned launch is currently Spring 2022.

IOI added a “one more thing”, briefly showing a few still images of a jungle environment. This area is likely to be a new location for Agent 47. No date or other details were provided.

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