Someone Turned a GameCube Into a Nintendo Switch Dock

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For yours truly, the Nintendo GameCube is a system filled with nostalgia. For one Reddit user, however, the quirky cube-shaped system proved to be an opportunity.

As PrauxLaps explained on Reddit, he purchased the GameCube from an online seller for $25. The system was physically in bad shape, with Sharpie marks and grime covering the exterior.

At this point, some folks would just clean up the system as best they could to restore it. Instead, PrauxLaps wanted to turn it into something arguably more useful: a Nintendo Switch dock.

To start, PrauxLaps removed the internals and cut down the GameCube with a Dremel. This allowed the system to more closely resemble the Switch dock shape.

From there, he reconstructed parts into a sturdier exterior shell. He then used a 3D printer and drilled all of the parts together. As a nice bonus, PrauxLabs gave the exterior an Arizona Iced Tea-like aesthetic.

The end result is a beautiful Frankenstein of a Switch dock. Better yet, he threw in a four-port USB hub into the dock, along with a GameCube controller adapter. This will allow PrauxLabs to more easily connect wired controllers to the Switch while docked.

This wasn’t an easy conversion job, however. According to PrauxLabs, he spent roughly 25 hours just on 3D printing.

Then there is the criticism. Several commenters criticized PrauxLabs for taking a functioning GameCube and turning it into something else. To that end, PrauxLabs mentioned he sold the parts on eBay.

Whichever way you feel about the project, there’s no denying the custom Switch dock looks pretty nice.

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