Splinter Cell Remake Is Coming, but Not for a While

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On its website, Ubisoft announced it greenlit a Splinter Cell remake. Based on the language of the announcement, however, the game might not be due for some time.

Ubisoft Toronto is leading development on the remake, which will run on the in-house Snowdrop engine. This is the same engine behind every Ubisoft title since 2016’s The Division.

Because the game’s development is in its infancy, we don’t yet know how it looks or how it plays. However, creative director Chris Austy said the team wants to preserve the “feel” of the original Splinter Cell for the remake.

In terms of gameplay, producer Matt West confirmed the remake will be linear and not open-world. Ubisoft remained tight-lipped on other details, however.

That’s likely because, as mentioned earlier, development on the Splinter Cell remake just started. Things are so early, Ubisoft Toronto wants to build a new team to work on the game and is currently hiring.

That means the game doesn’t yet have a release date or even a release window. We might not see it for at least several years, but at least it’s coming.

Splinter Cell is seeing somewhat of a resurgence. In addition to the remake, Ubisoft is also working on a VR title for the Oculus VR platform.

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