Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Has Finally Been Revealed

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The long-awaited batsuit has been revealed for the 2021 film “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves. Ever since the movie was confirmed to exist and Robert Pattinson was going to be filling the role of the comic legend Bruce Wayne, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see him don the cape and cowl. Recently, there was a camera test of Pattinson in the batsuit, however, it wasn’t a full shot of the suit. But most of the cowl excluding the ears and symbol were in full view. The suit itself is a big departure from the last version of Batman played by Ben Affleck.

How the Suit Stacks Up

The new suit is closer in look and feel to the Christopher Nolan version of Batman played by Christian Bale. It appears to be more of a suit of armor with its use of metal plating and matte black color scheme. This separates it from the almost spandex suit that Ben Affleck’s Batman had. It seems to be all black with very minimal uses of grey. Except for the actual bat symbol which looks like a metallic silver.

Unfortunately, the camera test has red lighting hiding most if not all the colors of the suit. But nevertheless, it looks intimidating and more handcrafted than previous versions of the iconic suit. Which helps the feel of this being a less experienced Batman that Reeves is trying to convey. There appear to be a lot more moving parts. This helps it look like an armor someone of Bruce Wayne’s skill and physical ability could really move in. Hopefully, that isn’t just for show either and the suit is capable of really good action sequences. Overall the suit looks like it could take the kind of wear and tear that the batsuit would need to endure being the main source of protection for Bruce Wayne on his crusade against all crime.

Does It Match the Source Material

The movie itself is supposed to be loosely based off the comic “Batman: The Long Halloween”; This is a great comic for a detective noir version of Batman that Reeves is looking to bring to theaters. However, Pattinson’s suit looks nothing like in the original comic.

This isn’t a bad thing but some fans will be disappointed that the blue and grey suit may never be seen in live-action again. But not many fans are shocked since Reeves has stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter That this incarnation of the caped crusader is going to be a “noir Batman tale” and the blue and grey spandex wouldn’t necessarily fit this theme and vision of the character, at least not in live-action. Matt Reeves’ Batman is shaping up to be possibly the best adaptation of the character since “Batman: The Animated Series.”  Hopefully, soon we can see the rest of the cast in their respective attires along with the Batmobile.

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