The SCP Universe Gets Hit With A New Lawsuit

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I will note that, in the past, I never really stood up for a cause such as this one. Nor did I write a full article on the matter. However, this one is different. The SCP universe is the biggest community in terms of its creative control, and one that I cherish a lot. This literary world that unified lovers of the twisted, yet fascinating, has since its creation been a big part of fanfiction. And now it is in trouble. I won’t bore with a lengthy article, but I will note the several important things I intended to touch upon.

In a near-future article, I will explore in-depth the universe of the SCP, but for now, I will give you a quick summarization. The SCP Foundation is a collaborative wiki page, were multiple members create story files, about fictional anomalies. These anomalies are conceived in an environment similar to our present-day and mimic that of our real world. Some harmless, others dangerous for all of humanity, the SCP Foundation presents itself as a pinnacle of hope. Hope, to Secure, Contain and Protect these anomalies, to study and ensure that no harm would come to humanity.

As mention above, this is a community project. Throughout the years, many content creators joined up in creating new anomalies and even plot details. It is currently estimated to house over 5,000 oddities, all created by a team effort. It garnered a lot of popularity, producing video games, fan films, and merchandise. However, we finally come to the problem that this creation is suffering from. In the words of the SCP community:

“A Russian man has illegally registered an illegitimate trademark for SCP within the Eurasian Customs Union. He has used this trademark to threaten and extort legitimate sellers of SCP merchandise. In addition, he has committed copyright infringement by violating the SCP content license: Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0. We first updated the community about this situation 6 months ago, and now it has escalated.”

This trademark infringement started last year by Andrey Duksin, targeting individual members of the community. However, Duksin was never reported to be a part of this community or had any creative control of the wiki website. Andrey now is targeting the entire SCP website, claiming the same thing. The matter will be resolved in court, however, the community is in a bit of a problem.

The site has launched a fundraiser, asking for a donation of 50.000$ in order to file a court case. This was heavily backed up by multiple fans and has reached over $140.000. Most notably, the contribution from Markiplier, the famous YouTube creator. I also have to give a huge thanks to Markiplier, for without him, I would never known of the situation. So because of that, I will ask many to keep supporting the SCP Foundation and if possible, donate to the cause.

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