What To Expect From Adult Swim’s Primal?

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One of the first names that get mentioned when talking about Cartoon Network is that of Genndy Tartakovsky. A director, producer, screenwriter and animator, Tartakovsky gained legendary status for his work. Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory introduced the audience to his work, but it was what followed that made him famous. Samurai Jack cemented his status as a legend in the world of animation. After Jack’s conclusion, he went on to work on his next and current project. A prehistoric animated show titles Primal.

Tartakovsky’s Past Work

Tartakovsky started his work as an animator on Batman The Animated Series. It is here he found his passion for animation and went on to create Dexter’s Laboratory, one of Cartoon Network’s biggest hits. In 2001 he released his childhood project, Samurai Jack. A blend of sci-fi and traditional history that told an astounding tale that spanned 4 seasons. The series gained a huge fan base, and Tartakovsky became the pinnacle of his industry.

However, the fourth season ended on a cliff hanger. Jack never finished his journey, and Tartakovsky departed from Cartoon Network. In 2017 he resurfaced and partnered up with Adult Swim to conclude Samurai Jack’s story. While the final episode of Jack’s adventure did receive mix reception, the entire fifth season was phenomenal. On the side, he directed and worked on all three Hotel Transylvania movies, but eventually returned for a new project.

What is Primal?

Primal is set in prehistoric times and follows the tale of a lone caveman, Spear. Along his personal journey, Spear meets a Tyrannosaurus named Fang. The two make an uneasy partnership to survive the primordial land, populated by other more bloodthirstier creatures. The series will mainly focus on the relationship between the caveman and his companion. Their means of survival and struggles as well as their own personal tragedies. The tag line is simple – Kill, Hunt and Survive and that’s all it needs to be.

The same level of detail and animation that Samurai Jack brought to the table will be present in Primal. From the initial screenshots, both Spear and Fang look like they were ripped directly from Tartakovsky’s previous work. One of the best things about this series is its gore. The fifth season of Jack never shied away from showing blood and dark imagery, and the same can be said here. The sole reason for Genndy leaving Cartoon Network is so that he could have full creative control over his projects. Jack was always meant to be R-rated, and Primal is going for that.

More Than Meets The Eye


One question has always come up on my mind, do Primal And Samurai Jack share the same universe? The same animation style and similar backgrounds make it evident that these two coexist in the same world, just at a different time. Cross storytelling isn’t something new in the world of animation, and Tartakovsky has expressed a desire to go and work on similar projects. The appeal of his stories can add even more similar ones in the future that are all part of one shared universe. Maybe Jack in his adventures may have even meet Spear or his descendants at one point.

One of the downsides of Primal is its length. Each episode is only 22 minutes long and there are only five episodes. By the end of this week, all will be viewable on Adult Swim, which leaves us a bit sad. This is something Samurai Jack’s final season suffered from as well. It’s always a shortcoming when the story needs to be rushed in a couple of episodes. We hope that is not the case here, and that its narrative will be delivered properly. Primal airs on October 7, on Adult Swim at midnight. Be sure to check it out and follow us for an upcoming review of the series.

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