The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date Was Finally Announced

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State of Play came and went, with an abundance of interesting games announced. We saw a sneak peek of the demo of the newest mascot remaster, Medievil, as well as some new titles, like Arise: A Simple Story. 2K revealed Civilization 6 is finally coming to consoles, and Hideo Kojima gave us more info on his upcoming project, Death Stranding. However, there is no denying that The Last of Us Part 2 took center stage. We will take a brief look at what we saw, and give our opinion on the matter.

The story is set 5 years after the previous game. Ellie settled down in Tommie’s settlement, in Jackson County. Initially, we see her in a peaceful environment. A thriving society that is currently going through the winter season. She easily fits into this newfound society. Establishing new friendships and even a potential love interest, Dina. However, like everything in the world of The Last of Us, nice things don’t last long.

the last of us part 2

With what we’ve gathered from the previous trailers, Ellie is having a hard time getting over the past. Honestly, we can’t blame her after what she’s been through. Despite this, it turns out that in the second part, something will defiantly push her over the edge. This will be the sole reason for her to go out and confront whatever is haunting her new peaceful life. We suspect it will probably be the revolutionary organization, the Fireflies. If not, we are left wondering, who is she out to get and do the Fireflies have their fingers in on it?

A Familiar Face

The biggest reveal in the trailer was her old companion, Joel. A father figure, Joel has been prominent in her life from the moment he found her. He is somewhat responsible both for Ellie being alive and society still being in shambles. Up until this point nothing was known about him. He made a brief appearance in the first trailer, but even that was ambiguous. Some even speculated that he was dead, and just in Ellie’s head. A figment of her imagination, haunting her past.

Finally, all rumors have been shut-down, and everybody was surprised when a figure crept up on Ellie. Joel, seemingly on his own, has been through so much, just as she was. Fans are already speculating that the two of them are not on such good terms as before. For all of those who don’t know why, we encourage you to play the first part and find out. We already guess that whatever tore them apart will be put aside so that they can resolve this nightmare together.

In terms of narrative, the second game has a drastic shift in motive. Going for an even darker approach to the story, the second part motive is hate. Neil Druckman stated that it is going in a much more sinister and grittier direction than the previous game. There will most likely be a conflict between the main characters, but who else will play a part in it?

The biggest question up to this point was, when does it come out? The official date has been revealed as February 21. 2020. We also learned that the game will be available in multiple editions, which are now up for pre-order. You’ve got the Standard Edition, Special Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ellie Edition. All in all, we are totally on board with The Last of Us Part 2, and can’t wait to play it. While there are certainly more questions that need to be answered, for now, this will suffice. Make sure to follow us in the future for a possible review of this second installment.

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