Luke Perry’s Death is an Incredibly Sad Piece of News

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Luke Perry Dead at 52 After Suffering Massive Stroke

The news screamed in big letters and I could not believe my eyes. I actually spent half an hour crouched on the couch, with large tears welling my eyes and tried to grasp what I just heard. Click after click, hoping in vain that it was not true.

And yet, it was. Luke Perry, the charming embodiment
of coolness of our teenage years, was gone. It wasn’t an overdose, it was not
suicide. It was unthinkable! He was the reason my friends and I gathered around
the TV a couple of times a week to watch Beverly Hills 90210.

Back in our childhood days,
growing up under the Communist regime meant we had two Television channels to
watch if we were lucky. Movies were censored and we barely had access to any
kind of entertainment.

Right after 1989’s Revolution,
we were fascinated by every kind of media which was suddenly available to us.
After years of censorship, a movie about high-school students, barely a few
years older than us, seemed to be the apex of glamour.

Luke Perry, who embodied Dylan
McKay, stole all of our hearts in Beverly
Hills 90210. After all, how could he not?

We were already shaken by the news that Shannen Doherty was fighting a battle against cancer – it seemed impossible. Not Brenda! Shannen Doherty had even contacted Luke Perry’s family after hearing about Perry’s stroke. Little did she know it would be the last time they ever spoke.

Luke Perry, whose posters had populated the walls of teenage girls all over the world – was suddenly gone and took a piece of our hearts with him.

In addition to Beverly Hills 90210, Luke Perry was also know for his roles in other hit TV series like Riverdale, Ties That Bind, and Body of Proof, to name just a few.

Jade Stone

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