Avengers 4 Trailer Expected to Hit on Wednesday Morning

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Update: Took a bit longer than anticipated but the Avengers 4 (Endgame) trailer is finally here. Check it out!

A little over a years ago we got to feast our eyes on the first trailer for Avengers Infinity War and now we’re almost ready to do the same with the Avengers 4 trailer. The exact date has been rumored for ages but now we finally also have some confirmation from Marvel parent-company, Disney. Well, sort of. Yesterday news broke on Twitter that Captain Marvel is getting a new trailer on Monday. Earlier today, Marvel confirmed that rumor. The tweet also mentioned that the Avengers 4 trailer is supposedly coming this Wednesday. While not technically confirmed, Disney’s President of Marketing Asad Ayaz did hit the like button on the tweet in question, which is almost just as good.

The screenshot above comes from industry insider Daniel RPK and seems to confirm that this is more than just a rumor. The insider also specified that the Avengers 4 trailer will hit Wednesday morning in the US. At this time the consensus is that the trailer will debut during Good Morning America, which airs Monday through Friday from 7 AM E.T. on ABC. Given that ABC is also owned by Disney, that’s a pretty fair assumption to make.

If not Wednesday Morning at Least Sometime in the Next Few Days

Speculations aside, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner recently also had a few things to say about the Avengers 4 trailer. The actor confirmed yesterday during Tokyo Comic Con that the trailer will arrive in the next few days, though he didn’t give an exact release date. Still, that’s good news for Marvel fans either way. Even if the leak turns out to be false, at least we know for certain that the trailer is coming sometime this week. We can also probably expect to hear about Avengers 4’s proper name once the trailer drops.

As far as the new Captain Marvel trailer is concerned, its release date is no secret. Marvel Studios confirmed on Twitter that the trailer will drop today during Monday Night Football on ESPN. Assuming the trailer will be showcased during halftime, that would place its debut at around 8:15 PM E.T. The movie itself hits theaters on March 8, 2019, just a few months before Avengers 4 premiers on May 3. In addition to announcing the new trailer, Marvel also revealed a brand new poster featuring Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in all of her glory. Check it out below.

Even More Superhero Movie Trailer Expected by the End of the Week

Speaking of trailers, Daniel RPK mentioned that we can also expect a new one for Shazam and the debut trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home later this week. Again, this isn’t official information but if the Avengers 4 leak turns out to be true, chances are he also has good info about these other two trailers as well. Christmas isn’t here yet but it looks like there’s already a lot to celebrate if you’re a fan of superhero movies. And nowadays, who isn’t?

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