Monster Hunter: World Requires a Fairly Beefy PC to Run

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Capcom finally announced the PC release date for Monster Hunter: World and it’s just around the corner. According to the publisher, the game will make its Steam debut less than a month from now on August 9. The initial release window for Monster Hunter: World PC was actually set for fall 2018 but it looks like the devs managed to finish the PC port a bit earlier than anticipated. Nowadays it’s more common to see games being pushed back rather than releasing early so this is definitely a nice change.

Shortly after announcing the release date, Capcom also revealed the all-important system requirements. In terms of graphics, Monster Hunter: World looks very impressive. But if you want to actually play it instead of simply admiring it from afar, you’re going to need a decent rig. Well, decent might be putting it mildly. The minimum recommended specs aren’t too crazy but if you’re planning to run Monster Hunter: World at max settings be sure your PC is up to snuff.

Monster Hunter: World Won’t Run on Just Any Old PC

The game requires at least an Intel i5-4460 or an AMD FX-6300 CPU. As for the GPU, you’re going to need an Nvidia GTX 760 or AMD R7 260x. The game also requires 8 GB of RAM, at least 20 GB of free space, and DirectX 11 or better. All of this just to run Monster Hunter: World with the bare minimum settings.

If you’re looking to run the game on high settings, you’re going to need an Intel i7 3770, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or any other equivalent (or better) CPU. For the GPU Capcom recommends an Nvidia GTX 1060 or an AMD Raden RX 570X at the very least. Otherwise, all the other specs are exactly the same, including the 8 gigs of RAM.

Interestingly enough, the system requirements also mention that Monster Hunter: World will run at 1080p and 30 FPS on PC regardless of settings. That’s pretty standard for a console game but a lot of PC fans will definitely not be too happy about this. Capcom did mention that some systems will be able to run the game at 60 FPS. It does sound like you’re going to need a crazy powerful PC to pull that off, though.

Capcom Still Loves Its Anti-Tampering Software

Speaking of things that are certain to upset PC players, it was also recently revealed that Monster Hunter: World will use Denuvo. The software is known to cause performance problems in some games so this might be cause for concern. It’s also worth pointing out that Monster Hunter: World is primarily an online multiplayer game. In other words, the anti-tampering software is a bit redundant in this case since online games don’t usually work with pirated copies anyway.

The PC version of Monster Hunter: World will cost $59.99 or your regional equivalent. The game is already available to pre-order on Steam and there is also a Deluxe edition up for grabs. Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive the Origin armor set along with the Fair Wind Charm. Meanwhile, the Monster Hunter: Word Deluxe edition comes with a few other interesting bonuses. These include the Samurai set, three gestures, two sticker sets, the Wyvern face paint, and the Topknot hairstyle.

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