3D Printer Projects for Gamers to Check out

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3D Printer Projects For gamers are more viable than ever these days thanks to Resin 3D printers being cheaper than ever. There’s never been a better time to invest in a setup to make all kinds of awesome gaming collectables Here are some of the best budget resin 3D printers out there right now

With the AnyCubic line being a strong brand favourite, other manufacturers such as Elegoo are a great choice. Once users have found and bought their printer, what else do they need? Don’t worry, Saber Miniatures have a complete and low-cost list here.

3D Printer Projects For Gamers

Is resin 3D printing too messy or not practical? Don’t worry, Saber Miniatures also offer their own resin 3D printing services. From Hero Forge requests to highly detailed statues, they’re happy to discuss and plan out any project personally. But where can users find a 3D printer project in the first place?

Thingiverse is full of STL files that work with all resin 3D printers. However, Make sure to check for a “creative commons” or “free use” licence before using the files so the correct permissions are being followed.

Here are some cool projects out there:

Master Chief

Although it’s not in the same league as Call of Duty and CS: G, Halo is knee-deep in lore as far as the campaign is concerned. Seeing Master Chief grow as a person whilst kicking Covenant and Banished backsides is an absolute pleasure.

Find Master Chief here.

BD-1 of Jedi: Fallen Order

BD-1 is an essential part of Cal Kestis’ adventure across the galaxy in Jedi: Fallen Order. Why not create your own to help with your adventures? This one won’t zip line and unlock doors, but it looks absolutely on point.

Find BD-1 here

Mewtwo Vs Lucario:

These two giants of the Pokémon world are not only fanning favourites, but they rock some serious power. Some patience will be needed for this project, but a bit of epoxy putty and sugar glue will have this stuck together securely in no time.

Find Mewtwo Vs Lucario here

Kratos God of War PS4

Kratos has received a complete turn-around storyline-wise for his reboot into Norse mythology. Instead of hacking and slashing in a fit of rage, he is now calm and calculated whilst trying to bring up his son right. Kratos is also one of the biggest Mascots PlayStation has right now, which is absolutely fine.

Find Kratos GoW PS4 here

Cloud Final Fantasy VII

This is the Cloud we all remember from our old PlayStation days. This statue screams nostalgia and will be a fantastic addition to anyone’s collectables cabinet. Cloud looks cooler in Advent children and FF7R naturally, but this particular STL file will warm that nostalgia right up for most gamers.

Find Cloud here

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