Five Horror Themed Podcasts For The Avid Listener

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Horror comes in many different mediums. There are videogames, books, and movies of all sorts to keep us entertained. Did you know there are also plenty of horror podcasts out there? Radio is not dead! Today we will be looking at five different horror-themed podcasts to keep you amused. Whether you’re a fan of secret laboratories or old campfire stories there is something just around the corner waiting for you. 

SCP Archives

Some of you may be familiar with the term S.C.P. For newcomers out there, these letters stand for Secure, Contain, Protect. “The S.C.P Foundation” is a compilation of user-made stories and creations which only need to follow a few set of lore guidelines. The basic premise is there is a secret underground lab that holds some of the world’s most dangerous and unexplained anomalies. Here scientists study these anomalies and try their best to contain them. There are even videogames based on the premise that you can find on Steam or dedicated websites

Each story in the S.C.P Archives podcast revolves around a different anomaly in the S.C.P catalogue. There is a variety of content within each episode ranging from a scientific description of the anomaly, interviews with scientists, incident reports, and short stories that are voice acted. You don’t need to listen to the episodes in any particular order. However, for the best experience, it does help if you at least understand the basic premise or visit their website

SCP Archives on Apple Podcasts

The Old Gods of Appalachia

The Old Gods of Appalachia” is an anthology horror podcast. The podcasts consist of different story arcs that span across different sets of episodes. When one story arc begins it will present to you an event. Each following episode will expand what you know about the strange occurrences until you get the full picture. 

The Old Gods of Appalachia is narrated to you by the show’s host. However, there are plenty of sound effects and musical cues that make you feel like you’re listening to a campfire story. There are currently only 17 episodes making this podcast the shortest one on this list. However, just like the others, they are still updating with new episodes at least three times a month.

Old Gods of Appalachia Horror Podcasts

The Grey Rooms

The Grey Rooms” is yet another anthology series but with a storyline happening between each chilling tale. The protagonist finds himself alone with a decision between two doors. One supposedly leads to salvation while the other leads to his doom. A menacing voice forces him to make a choice. Once chosen, the protagonist must live the lives of different people and experience their deaths. Who is this protagonist? How did he end up in this situation? Can he escape? You’ll just have to listen to find out. 

One of the best features of this podcast is its commitment to immersion. The stories are not just narrations. There are sound effects, and voice acting to help transport you into the many different worlds visited by the protagonist. Narrators will change depending on the story which keeps things fresh if you’re listening to episodes back to back. 

Knifepoint Horror

Zombies, living dolls, strange factories off in the distance. There is a story for everyone here. “Knifepoint Horror” offers a variety of different stories to cover even the most obscure niche. When it comes to horror-themed podcasts, Knifepoint Horror a great place to start if you’re only now discovering the genre. 

Knifepoint Horror can be consumed in any order since the stories presented are individual and isolated. They also vary in length ranging from 20 minutes and up to three hours. So regardless of how much time you have on your hands, there is something here to fit that time slot. The only downside is that each chilling tale is only narrated to you in the first person. There isn’t much voice acting or sound effects save for some ambient music in the background. However, it makes up for it with the sheer amount of content available.

Welcome to Nightvale

This next one you definitely might have heard of. It’s not hardcore horror but it does delve into the supernatural and the unknown. However, it deserves a place on the list. “Welcome to Nightvale” is a supernatural, horror-ish, comedy that takes you to a desert town somewhere in the United States. Here, all sorts of crazy and supernatural events take place. Floating cats, glow clouds, and a dog park you should probably ignore are only some of Nightvale’s strange occurrences. 

Welcome to Nightvale is treated as a radio show. So most of the happenings are narrated to you by the show’s host, Cecil. He’ll tell you all about what new strange thing happened in town today and let the listener in on his own thoughts and rambles. Welcome to Nightvale also contains songs by independent artists during their “weather” segments. There is enough variety to keep a listener entertained during each episode as well as minor plot threads to keep listeners coming back. However, Welcome to Nightvale does not require you to listen in any particular order. You can visit their website here.

How the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” helps with Mental Health | by Rachael Elmy | Medium

Stay Tuned!

Did you find something new to listen to on this list? Were there any podcasts you would have liked to see mentioned? There are plenty more horror-themed podcasts if you know where to look. Each of the podcasts mentioned on this list is available to listen to on Spotify. 

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